In the beginning of this year, after a very long break, small group of Java and JVM enthusiasts re-activated Silesia Java Users Group (SJUG) in the upper Silesia region of southern Poland. There were four meetings this year up to now. The fifth meeting is planned for this Friday (10th of June 2016 at 17:30) in Katowice, ul. Jesionowa 9a, Biurowiec Budrol, piętro 1, sala 102. The topic is Thinking Immutably About Pipelines and will be presented by David Pollak. If you are in Katowice or somewhere around on this Friday afternoon, don’t hesitate to come to this meeting!

More information

Everyone interested in software development, Java and JVM is invited to these meetings. Doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a newbie. New speakers are also welcome.

There’ll be free pizza, licenses for IntelliJ and JProfiler to give . 🙂