As few people might notice, I’m developing a few open-source projects right now. It’s not so easy to manage this stuff when you’re working in a full-time job, doing different not only IT-related things and don’t want to sit in front of the computer all the time. Nevertheless, doing this stuff really helps me to develop my programming & communicating skills and be up to date with various technologies. Instead of searching for excuses, I have the following plans related to releasing updates for my projects in the nearest future:


  • Review reported issues
  • Verify if reported bugs are real bugs
  • Adjust code to recent RxJava2 features if necessary
  • Handle Walled Garden issue OOTB
  • Add more useful code samples
  • Update existing code samples


  • Release decent updates related to project configuration and updating dependencies
  • Migrate project to RxJava2 as a separate artifact
  • Keep backward compatibility with RxJava1 as in ReactiveNetwork project


  • Review projects and their issues
  • Perform new releases in the project with unreleased, but commited changes
  • Handle users’ requests when possible
  • Migrate all RxJava-based projects to RxJava2 while keeping backward compatibility
  • Start new projects (which are currently drafts in my head/notepad/electronic notes/empty private git repos/etc.)

Moreover, I also have plans to learn a few new things not related to my ongoing projects, so that may slow down their development. In addition, I’m going to the conference this week and probably won’t be updating anything at this time. If anyone of you is interested in developing any of my projects, feel free to do it, go ahead and create your PRs! For sure, it will speed up the updates if you’re waiting for any of these.