Some time ago, I’ve decided to participate in “Get Noticed 2017” (“Daj się poznać” in Polish) competition. It’s competition for Polish programmers in which people have to create a blog if they don’t have it (luckily, I could skip that step) and write at least 2 articles per week from the beginning of the March til the end of May, which is exactly today (for 3 months). Posts had to be categorized on the blog. You can find all my posts related to this competition in DSP2017 category. Besides this, competitors had to create their own open-source projects (or one project) and contribute to them during the competition. I already had my projects, so I kept resolving planned issues within them. Nevertheless, I created new, small projects. I treated that competition as a challenge and possibility to try something new. Moreover, it was some kind of motivation for doing more stuff. I already had a blog and OS projects, so I thought it will be easy for me and I’ll just keep doing what I already do. I was a little bit wrong.


I’ve written 28 articles on this blog in DSP2017 category (including this one). Writing two articles per week is a lot. Previously I was writing approximately 1 article per month or sometimes more when I wanted to. Now I was writing 8 articles per month, so It’s 800% more often than usual. It forced me to be a little bit more organized & creative. I also created a backlog of article topics and a backlog of the software projects (big & small) I wanted to create & eventually, describe.

In the chart below, you can see how the number of the articles increased when I started participating in the competition.

Moreover, I received more comments than usual. The peak in 2015 you see on the picture is an article about Test coverage report for Android application. For some reason, people found it interesting and had a lot of questions.

I observed slightly more visitors on the blog, but not very huge. There was a peak in the beginning of the March, but later it decreased to a bit higher level than it was to the starting point. Below you can see statistics from the Google Analytics from the last 90 days. The drops on the plots are on the weekends. It shows people usually visit my website during the work week. Interesting information is the fact that drop of the visitors in the beginning of the April on the weekend was smaller than usual because I was speaking at the conference, so probably people googled me these days.


During the DSP2017, I created the following new projects:

  • spotify-cli-linux – a command-line interface to Spotify on Linux written in Python
  • tmux-auto-pane – a tiny tool for creating pre-defined tile layouts in tmux on linux with xdotool written in Bash
  • YaaS Java SDK – Hybris as a Service Java SDK for microservice proxy

During the DSP2017, I updated the following projects:

  • ReactiveBeacons – Android library scanning BLE beacons nearby with RxJava (an update included migration to RxJava2)
  • ReactiveNetwork – Android library listening network connection state and Internet connectivity with RxJava Observables (an update included migration to RxJava2)
  • prefser – Wrapper for Android SharedPreferences with object serialization and RxJava Observables
  • swipe – detects swipe events on Android (with RxJava or listener)
  • pkup – semi-automated generating of PKUP report (tiny tool for formal reporting stuff at my work)

I also updated my dotfiles and a few on my public knowledge sources I store on GitHub, but they are not counted as a “regular projects”


During this competition I also gave a talk during Kariera IT Conference in Katowice, Poland titled How to make open-source projects, which people want to use. I was invited to this conference as a speaker, what was very flattering. I also received nice, valuable feedback from the conference organizers. Besides that, I also participated in the J On The Beach conference in Malaga, Spain as an attendee. Unfortunately, I haven’t found time to write an article summarizing this event. I can tell you it was really great. Besides the conference itself, location, weather & food were perfect! I also had to write two articles on the blog for the given week in advance, because I haven’t taken my laptop on this trip.


To wrap up, participating in this competition was quite challenging and harder than I thought it would be. Nevertheless, it helped me to be consistent and more organized. I also boosted my creativity and ability to produce more articles as well as writing and language skills (English is not my native language). It was hard but fun. The challenge is accomplished! There are over 1000 participants, so I treat this event rather as a challenge for myself than competing with others. Moreover, it’s hard to measure and compare such work among different people. Nevertheless, I’m looking for results anyway :-).


Woohoo! I was on the 14th place in the second round of the competition! Results are here: Unfortunately, there were better competitors in the final round. Congrats to organizer, winners and all the people who participated in this competition & meetup in Warsaw. It was a really fun experience! 🙂

You can also check my tweet from the meeting in MS Warsaw: