Quality Meetup #15 – Fixing a billion dollar mistake

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Quality Meetup #15

On the 8th of February 2018, during Quality Meetup #15, I gave a presentation titled “Fixing a billion dollar mistake”.

Tony Hoare introduced Null Reference w in ALGOL language in 1965. He calls this decision a “billion dollar mistake”. It was so easy to implement and probably it caused a loss of millions of dollars due to the mistakes done in the software over the 40 years. During the time, people came up with different ideas of solving that problem with software libraries, good programming practices, static code analysis and compile time code analysis. Moreover, we have new programming languages with null safety features. During the presentation I’ve shown how to deal with the null reference problem in the JVM projects no matter if it’s a greenfield solution or legacy code.

Slides from the presentation are available below.

Thanks everyone for coming!

SJUG updates – March 2017

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SJUG aka Silesia Java Users Group meetups were reactivated one year ago and it’s still alive! I think it’s a great success of the community of Java developers who are located there. It’s not an easy thing to gather people from different cities in the region in one place every month, but it’s possible! During the year we gathered a few sponsors and partners, discounts for software tools and tickets for the conferences. Moreover, we had guests outside the Silesian region. There were really interesting presentations and discussions. Recently, I updated the website of the SJUG, so it automatically downloads information about the latest meetup. Now, we don’t have to do it manually every time.
Next meetup is planned for this Friday (10.03.2017) and if you’re interested in it, feel free to join.

More details about the group:

KrkDataLink Meetup – Functional Programming & Data Science

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Recently, a lot of new interesting meetups connected with IT were started in Poland. Yet another meetup is starting in Kraków in the middle of February. It’s called KrkDataLink and is related to functional programming and data science. These topics became hot recently, so it’s worth to be up to date with them. You can find more details about this event on the meetup website.

Visit website of the event!

Silesia Java Users Group – re-activation

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In the beginning of this year, after a very long break, small group of Java and JVM enthusiasts re-activated Silesia Java Users Group (SJUG) in the upper Silesia region of southern Poland. There were four meetings this year up to now. The fifth meeting is planned for this Friday (10th of June 2016 at 17:30) in Katowice, ul. Jesionowa 9a, Biurowiec Budrol, piętro 1, sala 102. The topic is Thinking Immutably About Pipelines and will be presented by David Pollak. If you are in Katowice or somewhere around on this Friday afternoon, don’t hesitate to come to this meeting!

More information

Everyone interested in software development, Java and JVM is invited to these meetings. Doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a newbie. New speakers are also welcome.

There’ll be free pizza, licenses for IntelliJ and JProfiler to give . 🙂