Android design inspirations

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When we are planning to create our next Android app, besides the codebase, it’s also good to plan its design, UI, and UX. Before doing that, we can take a look at some inspirations and work of other people to gather a few UI design patterns, inspirations, and ideas.
Good resource of such inspirations is Android Niceties website. As the authors write, this website is
a collection of screenshots encompassing some of the most beautiful looking Android apps.

You can also take a look at

Do you know any other similar resources? Share them in comments :-).

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

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When we start creating good, clear and consistent UI, we should make some assumptions.
We can follow such rules:

  1. Light comes from the sky
  2. Black and white first
  3. Double your whitespace
  4. Learn the methods of overlaying text on images
  5. Make text pop and un-pop
  6. Only use good fonts
  7. Steal like an artist


There is quite interesting article about creating gorgeous UI, which describes mentioned rules in details and is divided into two parts:

Some aspects are obvious, but it’s good summary.

Weather Icons for Android applications

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Some time ago I found Weather Icons project by Erik Flowers. It’s customized font with appropriate CSS, which allows you to use weather icons on the website. In addition, those icons can be customized. They can have different size or color. Moreover, they are compatible with the Bootstrap.


I thought, that it would be nice, if I had something like that for Android applications. That’s why I created simple open-source project called Weather Icon View. It’s customized view for Android, which allows you to use weather icons in mobile apps in similar way as in web apps. When you add mentioned library to your project, you can use it in XML layout in the following way:

You can also use it programmatically as it’s presented below.

Icons reference can be found at:
For more details visit:

How to design pixel perfect assets for mobile applications

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How to design pixel perfect assets for mobile applications

Good resource for designers of the mobile applications UI.


Place it by Brezi – generating screenshots of mobile and web apps in realistic environment

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Some time ago I discovered nice tool, which allows you to create screenshots of mobile and web apps in realistic environment. It’s quite useful. Especially for promotional purposes and in the case, when our graphic design skills are not good enough.

Check this out!

Redesigning Google

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Redesigning Google

How Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution? Article by The Verge.

Redesigning Google