Google I/O 2013

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Google I/O 2013 is happening now with live stream! Check this inspiring event at:
Techcrunch is putting new updates about this conference right now, so you can also check googleio2013 tag on their website for more details:

Mobile Mobile Conference in Kraków, Poland

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Short report

On 18-19 April 2013, I attended Mobile Mobile Conference in Kraków, Poland.
Organizers called it the most mobile event for developers and designers. I cannot have doubts about that.

What can you read on the official MMConf website?

MMConf is a fun little event for developers, designers,
and creatives brought to you by Applicake, the team behind the legendary European Rails Conference Railsberry.

If you love the world of mobile and – just like us – don’t like sitting still all the time, you can’t miss MMConf! It’s going to be cross-platform, people-centric and hopefully really inspiring.

I can totally agree with these words. MMConf was really inspiring event. In addition, it was real international event with the speakers like: Brad Frost, Jeremy Olson, Danny Greg, Bolot Kerimbaev, Sascha Pallenberg (, Matteo Manferdini, Robert Virkus (Enough Software), Aitor Garcia Rey, Zach Holman (GitHub), Jana Boruta, Matt Thompson, Steven Hoober, Brian Suda, Patrick Leddy, Pratik Patel, Robin Christopherson, Sam Soffes and Patrick Broman (Product owner for iOS Spotify apps).
Despite of these great people, I could hear a few interesting lightning talks.


Below, you can see detailed agenda of the event, which is, in my opinion, very interesting. Different talks shown various points of view, which we can have, when we discuss about mobile technology.
I could hear both about technical topics, design and about philosophical approach in the talk of Robin Christopherson titled Technology – The Power and the Promise. This proves, that almost every area of the mobile world, concerning technology and people, was covered. In my opinion, talk about Going big with mobile was quite interesting, because mentioned topic has its reflection in practice in Spotify applications. I could hear, how Spotify transforms its architecture while growing up and reaching more people. One of the talks was about Sensors and sensibility where human was compared to smartphone and smartphone was presented as an organism. It’s unconventional point of view, which is worth considering. There were also talks about marketing and mobile friendly web. In addition, speakers mentioned some future technologies like perceptual computing, brain controlled devices, etc. In addition, I got to know some interesting information (or fun facts) like fact, that Rovio failed with their about 50 mobile applications before they released Angry Birds and that it takes 30 milliseconds to send ping around the globe which is equal to the time of sending information from “sensor” (part of the body) of blue whale to its brain.


Organization & impression

Conference was organized in The Museum of Municipal Engineering (pol. Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej) at Św. Wawrzyńca 15 in Kraków, Poland. Location of the event emphasized its unique atmosphere. Everything was very well organized with attention to details in friendly and inspiring environment.


Food was delicious!






Pictures are borrowed from and


MMConf was very well organized event with great speakers touching different areas of mobile technology. I can honestly say, that it was one of the best mobile events in Poland and this was one of the coolest conferences I have ever attended. I would totally attend the next edition.

In addition, all of the talks performed during the conference will be available on Vimeo by the end of the May 2013.
You can keep checking MMConf profile at: Promotional video, summary of the 1st and 2nd day are already there.

Below, you can see short video material from the 2nd day of the conference.

MMConf Day 2 from MMConf on Vimeo.

Mobile Silesia #2 – mobile technology in the southern Poland

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In this post, I am going to present a short overview of the one-day conference concerning mobile technology I was attended in my hometown in Gliwice, Poland on 11th of march 2013.


Mobile Silesia is Silesian regular meeting for people involved in mobile market. Their goal is support of the business development by creating a platform for exchanging the knowledge and experiences. Important part of the meeting is integration of the business environment and people. Meetings are open for everyone and participation is free.

Beginning and first edition

Idea of organization of the free, regional, educational-networking meetings about mobile technology appeared in the beginning of 2012 year. Idea quickly came true. On 26th May of 2012, first edition of Mobile Silesia in CKS “Mrowisko” (Student Culture Center) in Gliwice, Poland was organized. First meeting consisted of two presentations: Andrzej Ogonowski from and Piotr Koźniewski from 3R Studio, who presented Augmented Reality technology.

Second edition

Second edition was organized in the same place as the first edition on 11th March of 2013. First part was a conference including presentations of people involved in marketing areas, mobile market and mobile technology. Second part of the meeting was a networking where people could talk to each other, exchange experiences and contact information.

Agenda and speakers

  1. Robert Rachwał and Edyta Przybyłko: Skuteczność kampanii mobilnych z wykorzystaniem QR kodów i NFC (Eng. Effectiveness of the mobile campaign with using QR codes and NFC)
  2. Rafael Moucka: Wizjonerstwo czy gadżeciarstwo? Czy warto inwestować w Responsive Web Design (Eng. Visionary thing or gadget? Is it worth investing in Responsive Web Design?)
  3. Michał Kraus: Mobile w sprzedaży wielokanałowej (Eng. Mobile technology in multi-channel e-commerce)
  4. Arkadiusz Haszto: Why mobile? Dlaczego przyszła pora na mobile w marketingu? (Eng. Why Mobile? Why is it time for mobile in marketing area?)

Official website:

Short summary

Mobile Silesia was very well organized. It was mainly addressed to people working in marketing areas as well as to those, who wanted to get fresh information about mobile technology and learn something new. I am a software developer working with mobile technology on daily basis, so topics mentioned above weren’t new to me. Nevertheless, such meetings are good opportunity to get new contacts, reach people interested in mobile market and see, what others want to show us. I think, I am going to attend next meetings if they will be organized in the future.

Photos from the conference

All photos are available on the official website of the event:






Video material (in Polish)