How to make open-source projects, which people want to use

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Today at Kariera IT conference in Katowice, Poland, I presented talk explaining how to make open-source projects, which people want to use from my perspective.

Below, you can find slides from my presentation. Thank you all for the attendance, interesting questions and organizers for inviting me. I hope you learned something new.
Of course, any constructive feedback for this talk will be appreciated :).


JDD 2016 Conference

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This year in the beginning of the October is highly recommended to be in Kraków, Poland in order to attend JDD (Java Developers Days) Conference.

jdd_logoJDD is an unusual conference. You can hear the presentations of both experienced people and those who are starting their adventure in the IT industry. You meet speakers from Poland and all around the world. There’s also a wide range of presentation topics concerning not only technical trends and practices but also work methodology, communication, how to talk with people, etc. what has the same importance as coding proficiency.

JDD_4  JDD_1  JDD_7

Besides the presentations, you can meet a lot of interesting people from IT industry in Poland and abroad including programmers, QAs, managers, leaders, etc. There’s a great possibility to establish new contacts and meet old friends. If you are looking for new job opportunities or want to make a market research, you can also do that because there’s a lot of companies looking for new employees. I’ve attended this conference in the last years and I can tell that atmosphere is really great and you can learn a lot. Moreover, Kraków is a very nice city to spend some time, visit the old town, sightseeing, and go to the pubs in the night. Not to mention, there’s party after conference days :-).


Discount for the blog readers!

All blog readers have 15% discount for the conference tickets with the code JDD_wittblog. I hope, it’ll encourage you to fill in the registration form.

See you at the conference!

Reactive Live Coding during GDG DevFest 2015 in Poland

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I was asked to be a speaker during GDG DevFest 2015 conference in Warsaw, Poland. Of course, I accepted this invitation and prepared presentation titled “Reactive Live Coding”. Presentation covered basics of Reactive Programming, RxJava and RxAndroid. Besides my talk I’ve done live coding to show how to use mentioned libraries and basics principles of Reactive Programming in real life. I had only 20 minutes for all of that, so my time-box was very limited. Being a speaker at conference was really interesting and challenging experience, which I haven’t had before. Moreover, I could meet a lot of interesting people and hear very inspiring talks covering different topics. You can check activity from conference by browsing #devfest15pl hashtag on Twitter and Facebook event. You can also check official website of the conference at

Slides from my presentation are available below.

Source code of the exemplary Android app shown and partially coded during the presentation is available at

Picture documenting part of my short talk made by @depodefi can be found below.


GDG DevFest organizers have done really good job and I can definitely recommend this conference to anyone interested in new IT technologies.

Devoxx Poland 2015 – conference summary

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This year, for the first time the Devoxx conference was held in Poland. There were plenty of lectures and experts to learn from.

On technical blog of Future Processing, you can find Devoxx Conference summary:

In my opinion, one of the most interesting talks was prepared by Venkat Subrananiam and titled: “Get Past the Syntax, The Real Scare is in the Semantics”. That’s why I presented my thoughts connected with this presentation. Please, check out mentioned article to find more information about this and other topics.

Quality Excites 2015 – Call For Papers

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Quality Excites (QE) is a Polish nationwide conference on software quality dedicated to the professionals who use the newest technologies and the best practices. It’s dedicated to people who want to exchange knowledge and experience in order learn about innovative concepts that could improve the quality of developed products.

If you want to become a speaker at Quality Excites, you can send your application by April 10, 2015.

Conference will take place in Gliwice, Poland on 30th of May 2015.


Incoming conferences for developers in Poland

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There are a few interesting incoming conferences for software developers in Poland in the nearest future.

Smart Dev Con – 18-20th of September 2014 – Katowice, Poland

The conference SmartDevCon is orientated at companies and specialists connected with modern device solutions that within recent years have dominated and redefined this market segment. We all are witnesses to the enormous revolution and progress in the field of in-built and mobile solutions. Unfortunately so far in this part of Europe there has not been any significant event (apart from SmartDevCon) that would respond to the great demand in the exchange of knowledge and business contacts in this area.

JDD – 13-14th of October 2014 – Kraków, Poland

JDD is a two-day conference for all Java enthusiasts – anyone who lives and breathes Java in their professional and personal lives. Since 2006, over 500 Java heads made their way to Krakow each year, to participate in over 30 information-packed lectures, special workshops, interactive trainings and networking opportunities. Though a permanent IT event on Poland’s calendar, JDD grows it’s international base by offering lectures in English and inviting speakers from all over the world.

SpreadIT – 18th of October 2014 – Gliwice, Poland

II edition of the free and open conference devoted to IT issues. The three independent thematic courses, conducted within the conference, will enable the participants to choose the lectures individually according to their interests. The following subjects will be available: Software Engineering, Video Games Development, Soft Subjects.

Code Dive – 5th of November 2014 – Wrocław, Poland

Event where the key speakers will be: Scott Meyers – known for his Effective C++ book series and Venkat Subramaniam – founder of Agile Developer Inc., Java language authority, author of award-winning book Practices of an Agile Developer and a great propagator of agile practices in software development.

GDG DevFest – 8th of November 2014 – Kraków, Poland

A day full of talks about newest technologies presented by European speakers. There will also be a soft skills set with practical tips & tricks regarding leadership, communication & design.

Droidcon – 4th-5th of December 2014 – Kraków, Poland

Want to hear about latest Android technology and talk to experienced Android expert speakers? Be a part of it. Join us on Droidcon Kraków!

Do you know another events like conferences, meetings or hackathons connected with IT Industry, which are worth visiting?
Tell about them in comments below this post!

Quality Excites 2014 – 3rd Polish nationwide conference concerning quality of software

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Quality Excites is Polish nationwide conference concerning quality of software, which is going to be organized on 31st of May 2014 in Gliwice, Poland. Check the agenda and attend the event. This conference is going to be valuable especially for people responsible for software quality assurance as well as project managers and software developers who want to craft their solutions as good and clear as possible. Check website of the conference at:

JDD Conference 2013

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JDD 2013

In the beginning of the next week, there will be interesting conference connected mostly with Java technology in Kraków, Poland. Lectures and workshops will be performed both in Polish and English language. Topics are not only connected with Java. We will be able to hear something about Big Data processing, front-end development, mobile development, Scala, design patterns, software architecture, Domain Driven Design and so on. It’s large amount of topics, so everyone should find something interesting for him or her.
See you there on Monday!

DevDay 2013 Conference, 20th September, Kraków, Poland

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DevDay 2013

DevDay Conference is going to be organized on 20th of September 2013 in Kraków, Poland. When we take a short look on the agenda, we can conclude, that it’s going to be very interesting event with talks covering many areas of software development and programmers lifestyle. In addition, invited speakers represent famous brands like Google, Spotify, StackOverflow, JetBrains and so on. In my opinion, we can expect very high quality of the talks. DevDay 2013 is organized by ABB Poland. Fortunately, I’ve already passed registration process some time ago, so see you there!

Quality Excites 2013

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Check out conference concerning quality of software, which will be organized in Gliwice, Poland (precisely in Technopark) on 25th of May 2013.
It’s going to be interesting event. See you there!

Read more at: