Short blog summary of 2014:

  • 28 748 sessions
  • 24 400 users
  • 35 212 page views
  • 1.22 pages per session
  • 00:00:41 was average session duration
  • about 115 unique visitors everyday
  • The greatest amount of blog visitors was from India
  • I also had a lot of visitors from USA, Poland (my home country), Germany, Vietnam, South Korea and other countries
  • I had 881 visitors from Bengaluru, 601 visitors from Chennai (Hello, India!) and 587 visitors from Seoul (Hello, South Korea!)
  • I had visitors from every country in the Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, New Zeland and about half of the countries from Africa
  • Most of keywords in search traffic were connected with Android
  • I started using Linux (Ubuntu) on daily basis and wrote few articles about it
  • I still use Windows at work
  • I graduated from my university and started working full-time
  • I released my own mobile Android application created during writing my Master Thesis which has been downloaded by 1603 people and has 815 active users up to now

Numbers were retrieved from Google Analytics and Google Play Console.

I learnt a lot and still have to learn more.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope that New Year will bring new challenges and opportunities for all of us!