In the beginning of 2013 I decided to re-launch my modest blog in order collect some experiences, thoughts and share knowledge.
I managed to publish 38 posts. Some of them were only links, but there were also tutorials, solutions for common problems, information about conferences and so on. I haven’t published everything I wanted to publish due to lack of time, which was limited by studies and work. Fortunately, I managed to publish, more or less, at least one post per month with a few exceptions. I’ve got 32 drafts of posts and a few ideas for projects and articles. I hope, that quality and value of my posts is growing, so you can find better articles here in New Year. There was also small interaction with users. I got 10 comments to my posts. If you want, to ask about something or post a suggestion, don’t hesitate and write a comment. My blog has about 4018 visits and 3179 unique visitors in whole year. It’s not that much, but I hope, that people, who was searching for interesting information and solution for their problems have found, what they wanted. Number of visitors is constantly growing, what can be seen on the graph generated by Google Analytics, which you can check below (click on the image to enlarge it).
The most of my visitors were from Poland. It’s not surprising, because it’s my home country. Second country, from which people visit my blog, is India. United States of America is on the 3rd place. Germany takes 4th place and South Korea takes 5th place. When, we take into consideration cities, first place goes to Katowice (Poland), second is not set (undefined), third is Bangalore (India), fourth – Seoul (South Korea), fifth is Gliwice (Poland) – my hometown. 80% of visitors are new (visiting website for the first time), 20% of visitors are returning. Interesting thing, is the fact, that I got at least one visitor from almost all around the world (some of them were internet bots or crawlers, but there were a lot of real users). Check out the map below.
Most of my posts were connected with software development and Android due to my current work and master thesis at university. Probably, future posts will be also connected with these areas, but I’m constantly trying to broaden my mind, so you may find here also articles concerning totally different topics. I hope, you’ll keep visiting this blog and you’ll find interesting articles and materials here. I’m going to do my best in order to improve quality of the posts and publish interesting and valuable articles here. I wish you all the best.

Happy New Year and see you in 2014!