Howdy! I am glad you visited my little corner of the web. Below, you can find brief description of me and this blog.

Who am I?


My name is Piotr Wittchen. I am software developer currently based in Gliwice, Poland and working at SAP Hybris. I graduated Engineering and Master studies of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology. I’ve created this blog in order to collect and share my thoughts, experiences, links, code, notes and learn new stuff. I┬áhope, someone else will learn something new here as well. I really like to use open-source projects and contributing back to the community. If you are interested in my selected private work, you can view it in the Projects section. You can contact me at and find me on LinkedIn, Github, StackOverflow, Twitter and Google Play.

Content of the blog

I treat this blog as my public, on-line notepad. It reflects my private opinions and perspectives. Many articles on this website are strongly connected with computer science, software development, mobile & web applications. Currently, I’m focused mostly on JVM technologies. I also try to discover new programming languages and topics, which are not related to computers. Keeping that facts in mind, list of categories on this blog is in theory unlimited, but in practice most of the posts are related to my work and projects.

Why is it in English?

I am Polish native speaker and writing posts in English is kind of language training for me. I also want to make my articles more available. There’s no doubt, that more people on this planet speak English than Polish. I apologize in advance for any language mistakes. If you found one, please notify me about that in comments below proper article or send me an e-mail.