Howdy! I am glad you visited my little corner of the web. Below, you can find brief description of me and this blog.

Who am I?

My name is Piotr Wittchen. I am software developer currently based in Gliwice, Poland.
I’ve created this blog in order to collect my thoughts, experiences, links, notes and learn new stuff.
I hope, someone else will learn something new here as well.
You can contact me at

Social stuff: linkedin, goldenline, github.

Blog categories

Currently, main categories on this blog are as follows:

I am not limited by the topics mentioned above, but most of the technical posts is going to be related with them due to my interests, experience and projects. You can see available categories on the right-hand side of this page. Of course, its number may increase in the future.

Why is it in English?

I am Polish native speaker and writing posts in English is kind of language training for me. I also want to make my articles more available. There’s no doubt, that more people on this planet speak English than Polish. I apologize in advance for any language mistakes. If you found one, please notify me about that in comments below proper article or send me an e-mail.