Month: June 2016

ReactiveNetwork – new releases & roadmap

2016-06-10 Android, Java, Open source, RxJava No comments

Recent updates

I’ve recently released version 0.3.0 of ReactiveNetwork library for Android. As you can see in the release notes, it contains a lot of updates.

  • Deprecated methods related to monitoring WiFi Access Points and WiFi Singal level in favor of ReactiveWiFi project, which has this functionality extracted from ReactiveNetwork
  • Deprecated methods and enums related to monitoring connectivity with The Internet
  • Added Observables, which allows monitoring Internet connectivity basing on socket connection with a remote host (we can also monitor specific host with given parameters)

Roadmap for the future versions

Updates planned for 0.4.0:

  • Removing deprecated methods
  • Removing unused permissions from AndroidManifest.xml

Track progress of releasing 0.4.0 on GitHub

Updates planned for 0.5.0:

  • Updating library code with respect to the updates in Android 5 and 6 (especially ConnectivityManager) related to monitoring network connectivity mentioned in issue #62 on GitHub
  • Creating strategy interface to keep backward compatibility with Pre-Lollipop devices, so we’ll be able to monitor network in a different way depending on the given Android version

Track progress of releasing 0.5.0 on GitHub

Another future updates (not related to any version):
These updates are also important, but they’re not related to library API

  • Adding example of library usage with Retrofit (without breaking reactive stream chain)

Track progress of resolving this issue on GitHub

Final thoughts

Currently, it’s my most popular open-source project and people rely on it in production apps, so I’m trying to keep it as simple and as good as I can with respect to the recent updates of Android SDK. I’m getting really good feedback from people on GitHub and seriously considering it during the development process. If something bothers you in that project, don’t hesitate to create an Issue or new Pull Request on GitHub.

Silesia Java Users Group – re-activation

2016-06-05 Java, Meetups No comments

In the beginning of this year, after a very long break, small group of Java and JVM enthusiasts re-activated Silesia Java Users Group (SJUG) in the upper Silesia region of southern Poland. There were four meetings this year up to now. The fifth meeting is planned for this Friday (10th of June 2016 at 17:30) in Katowice, ul. Jesionowa 9a, Biurowiec Budrol, piętro 1, sala 102. The topic is Thinking Immutably About Pipelines and will be presented by David Pollak. If you are in Katowice or somewhere around on this Friday afternoon, don’t hesitate to come to this meeting!

More information

Everyone interested in software development, Java and JVM is invited to these meetings. Doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a newbie. New speakers are also welcome.

There’ll be free pizza, licenses for IntelliJ and JProfiler to give . 🙂