Month: June 2013

Code Problems

2013-06-15 Algorithms, JavaScript No comments

I’ve recently found really cool repository containing a lot of different code problems and solutions for them. Most of the code is written in JavaScript. Quote from GitHub page:

This repo is full of code problems that I have received prior or during an interview. I’ll present all my solutions here in JavaScript, but feel free to add your own solutions in another language and even optimise my solutions. If you have your own code problems you would like to contribute, I would love to see them as well.

Check this out at:

Brain Computer Interface for mobile devices – introduction

2013-06-05 Android, Brain Computer Interface, Master Thesis, Mobile No comments

Currently, I work on my Final Project and Master Thesis at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland (original University name in Polish: Politechnika Śląska). I’ve decided to choose unconventional topic, which will allow me to use the knowlegde I already have, extend it and learn something new. Topic of my thesis is: Brain Computer Interface for mobile devices. BCI is a topic, which is not completely discovered nowadays. EEG and BCI have their origins in 1924, but up to now, they don’t have so many real life applications. We can find only some experiments and simple games. Recently, companies, engineers and scientists started to focus on brain waves, so this topic is worth investigation and it may be the future of modern computing.

In my project, I am going to use BCI for controlling mobile devices with Android OS. In my opinion, connecting brain to the smartphone can have really interesting outcome. Below, you can browse my presentation, which I have shown on my Final Project Seminar today.